April 22 - 24, 2015


Welcome to

Africa Fashion Week Dubai



Africa Fashion Week Dubai (AFWD) is a joint initiative of INCEPTION and its associates intended to display the culture, spirit and nature of African creative arts and designs. The team of the AFWD 2015 is engineering an end-to-end management of initiating and organizing the event, which is intended to enlighten and entertain participants and guests in ways that will enhance their insights and prospects of ethnic essence.

Our Vision

To facilitate partnerships that work through the promotion of African-inspired cultural convergence, and its translation into viable opportunities.

Our Mission

To boost the perception of cultures by displaying the enriched mix of fashionable arts and designs, being the medium for attracting its creators and designers to maximize their potentials globally in obtaining unreached markets in order to realize collectively achievable realities.

Why Africa Fashion Week?

Having worked through and until now is still walking through lots of encumbrances yet persevering notably, the Africa Fashion Week Dubai seeks to display cultural evolutions in Africa through fashion which in tandem with various fusions of it across the globe are carried on by both indigenous and non-indigenous designers.
Our value proposition is therefore to create the appeal that the African spirit is one of survival, not just to exist, but also to co-exist in the Diaspora wherever the African footprints are found. With AFWD, we are walking our talk, and we will keep walking.